The Food Revolution is here!

It’s our time, and it’s all about the flavor.

Every intellectual revolution has a tipping point, where hidden knowledge slips into the hands of the people. But when experiential wisdom is given to the people, a socio-economic revolution is possible… And it’s all happening at the dinner table.

We have tasted and seen, and now we are awakened to the truth — biologically-responsible farming produces incredible flavor. It’s no surprise that the recent emphasis on star chefs has captured the popular imagination. These are artists whose work engages every sense at the same time: masterfully conducting a delicate symphony of colors, textures, shapes, smells and flavors. The world’s greatest chefs all hold a common understanding, a secret wisdom: quality ingredients create beautifully intense flavors, and without them fine cuisine is impossible.

The food revolution is a movement. It’s been happening for a long time, and it’s gaining traction at an incredible rate. As a natural food operation, we aren’t competing with other natural producers. We’re partnering with a movement. We’re competing with powerful corporate interests that lobby Washington and operate millions of acres of chemical-covered mono-crops.

Mono-crop farming is a high-production, single-crop method based on one principle: increase yields at all cost. Good intentions of the “green revolution” in the 1960’s pushed the quantity-over-quality mentality upon farmers as the new norm. If they wanted to compete, they’d better get with the program and produce one crop at ludicrous volumes. That means they’d need to get federal farming grants and buy a few tons of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fossil fuel-based fertilizers to drench the soil and crops every year.

Predictably, crop production flourished with ever-increasing yields. Small farmers who preferred the old methods began going out of business, as the big food corporations consolidated the industry. Today, 99% of our food is grown by 1% of the population on highly mechanized, chemically fed farms.

True, we have seen unprecedented yields from mono-cropping. Giant, beautiful yields of nutritionally bankrupt foods. Feeding the world tons of empty calories from corn syrup, soybeans and canola oil simply won’t cut it.

This is an experiential revolution — are you up for changing the world? Let’s partner together and fight for fresher food! Invite friends and neighbors to taste the difference of a fresh meal at a farm-to-table restaurant, or a home-cooked meal with ingredients from the garden or local farmer’s market. Spread knowledge by sharing links to articles like this one on social media. ┬áVolunteer at your community garden, or start one if there isn’t one in your neighborhood.

It’s just the beginning. We’re getting organized, and we aren’t going away. We are here to upgrade the food system! We can grow sustainable food on our farms and in our community gardens and backyards. We can solve global hunger through organic high-density farming.

Stay tuned for articles and tips for ecologically enlightened farming (even in your backyard!).

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