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Billions of dollars are made every year from dieting trends. Books, meal planning, food delivery, shakes, juices and smoothies have become the golden calves of the food industry. Glancing at my facebook feed, I can count post after post about all the new trends. When I was a kid, fat-free dieting was all the rage. If you haven’t tried at least one of the following for a day or two, I’ll personally high-five you if we ever meet: Atkins, Bioslim, Herbalife, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, South Beach, The Zone, Weight Watchers, ad infinitum.

But I finally stopped and asked myself… what is my body really craving? And no, donuts and sodas aren’t ever legitimate requests… they are the result of bad habits.

Our bodies are experiencing starvation during a feast.

The unsustainable model of trendy diets is — get you hooked on the promise and sell you the dream until you run out of money or stamina (whichever comes first). These diet plans never address the widespread root issue: malnutrition.

How is it possible to have widespread malnutrition in a first world country? We have an over-abundance of food, and yet our bodies are still starving for nutrients. This problem will only be solved through wholesome, nutrient-dense, and fermented foods. Dr. Weston A. Price provides some incredible information about nutritionally dense diets. Much of his research suggests limiting processed carbs and sugars while adding organ meats such as liver to the diet dramatically improves bone density and overall health. Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods known to man, containing up to 100x more vitamins than organic fruits and vegetables.

While we could save money buying cheap filler-foods like potato chips, microwave dinners, and ramen noodles (for our college readers), our bodies are experiencing starvation during a feast. And the real tragedy is, we may never even try to make the best culinary delicacies at home. If you haven’t ever tried a homemade gourmet French liver paté, then you are missing out big-league (or bigly).

A Pig in a Fur Coat’s Foie Gras Mousse, photographed above, was featured in the Wisconsin State Journal:

‘We don’t cut corners,’ chef Dan Bonanno said, of his high-quality ingredients. ‘It’s what I envision food should be — done right.’

The ‘heart of the dish,’ Bonanno said, is the cured patés. They’re stacked atop savory bomboloni (Italian hole-less doughnuts — but made with hearty-tasting malt and honey). The pastries are wrapped in cured lardo and set upon a bed of a fig port jam, and the whole stack is drizzled with an aged balsamic.”

Read the full article here.

Liver’s potency as a superfood was proven by researchers when lab rats given small amounts of liver were able to swim more than 6x as long as the control rats before fatiguing. The control rats fatigued in 13.5 seconds (on average). The rats given liver swam for 89 seconds before fatiguing! It almost sounds too good to be true, but you can try if for yourself (We recommend eating it yourself, not testing it on your pet rats’ swimming stamina). Look for organic beef, duck or chicken liver from your local grocer, or sign up for an account with Azure Standard, and enjoy some of the best organic foods available at discount costs. We buy organic grass-fed Piedmontese liver from Azure, and the taste is phenomenal.

And just because we want you to really enjoy the experience, here is a beautiful recipe for foie gras mousse with roasted peaches, pickled onions and brioche… yum!

Liver has ranked above all other offal as one of the most prized culinary delights. Its heritage is illustrious–whether savored by young warriors after a kill or mixed with truffles and cognac for fine patés de foie gras.

  • Margaret Gin and Jana Allen, authors of Innards and Other Variety Meats (San Francisco, 1974).

The modern food system has successfully steered us away from the best foods, and sold us empty calories and left us starving for vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, many of us have imbalanced gut floras, and we aren’t able to extract nutrients from the food we’re eating. Our bodies are incredible machines that work efficiently to heal themselves if they have the right tools.

Our goal at Iron Hill Organics is to give you the tools you need for your body to heal itself, and impart the knowledge that has been given to us. If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind nutritionally dense and fermented foods, check out Weston A. Price Foundation’s website. While you’re here, try some of our Raw Sauerkraut and enjoy the delicious spicy flavor while rebuilding your gut flora. We are now accepting orders on our website!

Full disclosure: we receive no referral fees from Azure Standard.

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