Pasture raised hens make Texas-sized eggs with the help of probiotics

We have a variety of breeds, each laying eggs of unique color, shape and size. Our hens are sassy, egg-laying, bug-eating machines; enjoying copious amounts of sunshine and exercise roaming freely in the pasture. They eat a wholesome diet of bugs, grass, and organic crop trimmings. We only supplement with feed that is 100% USDA-certified organic and is soy-free.

Recently we started giving our chickens probiotics. I know, it sounds like we’ve gone overboard. But it works! We’ve experienced no disease in our hens, and I believe it’s because we give them a daily boost of beneficial bacteria.

When you buy Iron Hill Organics eggs, they always come from our vibrant, healthy, probiotic-filled hens.

Sorry! Our eggs are currently out-of-stock.

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